Author: Mikaela Huber

  • freedom.

    Ask her what she craved and she’d get a little frantic about things like books, the woods, music. Plants and the seasons. Also freedom. -Charles Fraizer-

  • leviathan.

    All my love, All I’ve done, Falls apart, It’s undone. Built a tower, You tore it down. I am weak; You are strong. Who can tame Leviathan? Mouth of Sheol Sings a lonely song. Yahweh gives And takes away. Will you curse Or bless the name? Trial tests us Like the flame. -Leviathan, Josh Garrels- […]

  • my main art journal.

    I love art. I love creating, in general. Right now this is my main art journal, but currently I have 4-5 I’m working on. This one is almost done, and its gotten pretty full of painty, chunky, crinkly yumminess. I don’t always finish pages, and I don’t always like how they look.Some are rather odd, […]

  • rain.

    I love when rain falls like wet curtains, layer after layer or perfectly shaped individual drops. It is so easy to think of rain as a collective unit, one consistent and omnipresent mass. It is so easy to forget that each raindrop is falling alone to the earth for the first time. So too are […]