Category: from the desk.

  • 3/18/17

    excerpts from my sketchbook January –  March     In the last several months I have desired a more structured way of creating. From using mainly acrylic and enjoying a more art journaling type of approach, I have been using my sketchbook more and more recently. I really wanted to find a good way to […]

  • art journal.

    Hello! I have one page left in my main art journal, and I really wanted to do something with the cover. I thought about and tried to find some inspiration for it. In the end I came up with this: Here is my process. I started with this; but I didn’t really like the look […]

  • my main art journal.

    I love art. I love creating, in general. Right now this is my main art journal, but currently I have 4-5 I’m working on. This one is almost done, and its gotten pretty full of painty, chunky, crinkly yumminess. I don’t always finish pages, and I don’t always like how they look.Some are rather odd, […]