my desk.

I get messy. My Mom can attest to that.  My desk can get to be something like this:




Yeah. Sometimes quite a bit worse, AND Below my desk gets pretty trashed as well. Since we have company this weekend, I (with Mom prodding me for a while) cleaned and threw away the useless little tiny scraps of paper that ,even though I swear I will use them, are annoying. I even brought up a white trash bag,  because I knew that a garbage can that was already more than overflowing would not work. I put on some music (my Spotify playlist) and started with the floor underneath my desk.



I moved some stuff around and threw even more away. Put the stuff that didn’t belong there away, and stuffed useless fliers in the trash bag. After I was finished below, I started cleaning on the desk surface, doing pretty much the same thing. Eventually I was finished, and vacuumed the floor.


love, mikaela joy

(P.S I am planning on doing more blog posts during my time in Canada. 😀 )

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