-Tessa Maelle-

A dream. Yes.

gypsy soul, barefoot wonder, beautiful heart, and depths of ocean.

All I didn’t say,

pushed inside, feelings, hope.

A beautiful faith,

A lovely cage, within the room,

hidden bars, keep me in.

Cover my mouth with

guilt and shame, hush

my dear,

listen to me, my dear sweet


don’t follow the flame,

be fabulous babe.


so why the rage?

why the emotion in your voice?

then comes the breakdown

the exhausting motion.

a salty flood.

but why?

why put yourself through this?


I want to completely fall in love.

whole heartedly, mind ,body,soul.

I want to be so in love that I

cannot think of anything else

but you.

And I am willing to give.

I wrote these on June 23 & June 27 2015.

love, mikaela joy.

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